Cognos TM1 Installation Considerations

TM1Compare is compatible with recent versions of TM1®, but has not been fully tested with TM1® versions older than version 9.5.2. As of this release, the latest version that TM1Compare is compatible with is TM1® version 10.2.


TM1Compare can be configured to work with multiple versions of IBM Cognos® TM1® Servers, however the lowest version must be used when connecting to different versions. For example, if your environment contains both a 9.5.2 server and a 10.2 server, the TM1® client installation files must be version 9.5.2 to establish a connection to both servers in the same session. If, however, all servers in your environment are the same or a higher version than the client installation, the connections can be configured normally. For additional information on configuring TM1Compare connections, see the QuickStart Guides and the User Guide.